Let's get started

Getting started

Let's create our first grid!

First, create procedures for displaying data in your Microsoft SQL Server database (you can create procedures for updating and deleting data as well). You can include parameters into the procedure which will act like data filters.

Creating a basic procedure Creating a basic procedure

Then open up your GridQuick Editor and connect to your database.

Window for connecting to database

By clicking New grid in the main window a grid settings menu pops up. You are able to specify settings which include name, title as well as stored procedures for data manipulation. You can add some new columns and filters here, too.

New grid in GridQuick Editor

Let's add a column. Columns are displayed as fields in create/edit forms.
Some field controls (like dropdowns) have to be filled with options. You specify an SQL command to do so. You can specify a regex for field validation.

New column in GridQuick Editor

In the same manner you can add filters which will be used as parameters into the stored procedure.

And this is how your grid looks like

Rendered grid Rendered grid

This is how a grid filter looks like on a mobile screen

Grid filter popup on mobile screen